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Borderless hosts NITDA blockchain developers in Port-Harcourt

NITDA collaborates with Borderless to train blockchain developers in Nigeria. The programme which started in December 2022 has several sessions both online and physical meetups.

After the onboarding program in December, the upcoming blockchain developers have gone through a series of virtual classes.

Borderless Hub as the mentor for the NITDA blockchain scholarship had several meetups in January 2023.

Purpose of the meetup

Practical experience 

One of the purposes of the meet-up is to help students understand the practical aspect of what they have been learning during the virtual classes.

Discuss challenges

Another cogent reason for the blockchain developers’ meetup is to discuss any challenges that the students are having with the E-Learning platform.

Reinforced learning 

Continuous virtual learning might not provide all the required learning outcome. Therefore another reason for the meetup is to reinforce what the students have learnt. 

Networking with other blockchain developers

Borderless Hub is a developers’ hub started by Crypto Smart in partnership with Comsotech to train young Africans who can develop usable blockchain Solutions.

The meet-up is an avenue for the NITDA scholarship students to meet with other blockchain developers that are trained by borderless. 

Breakdown of January meetup 

First meet up in January 

The first meet up took place on January 14th, 2023 where Karla Obakpolor, lead partner at borderless hub, did an introduction to blockchain technology.

During the meet up, Karla Obakpolor also narrates her tech journey. This was no doubt a motivation to the upcoming developers who now understand how the blockchain technology works.

Before the end of her session, she introduced the student Algorand blockchain, how to build on algorand blockchain, programming languages used on algorand blockchain among others.

Second meet up in January 

The second meetup which was on January 21st, 2022 was also a success.

Adedayo Samuel, one of the instructors at borderless, gave a lecture on computer appreciation. 

He explains the importance of hardware knowledge to tech and as a blockchain developer.

Ekeleme Favour, a frontend developer and one of the volunteers at borderless, gives an introduction to JavaScript with regard to Domineum guide.

The second meetup increased the level of enthusiasm from the students who are ready to learn more.

Third meet up in January 

The third and last meet up in January took place on January 28th, 2023. 

Great Adams, a full stack developer and one of the instructors at borderless, delivers a detailed explanation of JavaScript and various frameworks which can be used to develop blockchain solutions.

NITDA blockchain scholarship continues and the students are expected to learn more and more as they cross different milestones in line with the curriculum.

About Borderless Hub

Borderless is a developers’ hub, located at Port Harcourt, where young Africans are trained to become developers who can build solid infrastructures and innovative ideas for Africa using the Algorand Blockchain.


The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) is committed to implementing the national digital economy policy for a digital Nigeria. 

NITDA’s core mandate is to create frameworks for planning, research, development, standardisation, application, coordination, monitoring, evaluation, and regulation of information technology practices in Nigeria. 

The agency is creating an all-encompassing plan through its various scholarship programs to develop IT skills required for a digital Nigeria. 

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