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Don explains why Men are responsible for Child’s Gender

A university lecturer, Prof. Tamunotonye Jacks, has said that the malefactor was solely responsible for the gender of a child.

Jacks stated that it was no use blaming the woman for always giving birth to only female children, saying the man is to blame instead.

Jack who is a Professor of Microscopic Anatomy at the Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, stated this while delivering the 84 Inaugural lecture of the institution.

The lecture was titled, ‘Tiny Lives and Families, the Nexus Before and After Birth: Phytomedicinal Impact.

He explained that what determines the gender of a child whether male or female was the XY chromosomes, saying what the man donates is what comes out in the long run.

According to him, “In terms of what produces the gender, whether male or female is the sex chromosome, XY. For the female, it is constant, two X chromosomes. And the X is female. It is only the man that has X and Y.”

Continuing, he said, “So if the man donates Y chromosomes, the child will be a male. If the man donates X chromosomes, the child will be a female.

“The woman is constant. Her own is just X. So when men blame their wives for always giving birth to females and then they want to go and marry another person. The problem is the man, no other person. So it is important to know that the sex of the child is dependent on the malefactor.”

Jacks describes the inaugural lecture as a fulfillment of an academic, saying he attained the academic height fifteen years ago.

“If you have attained the height of a professor and you did not give an inaugural lecture, it means you are not a full professor. So for me, it’s a fulfillment.

“I became a professor in 2008. But the opportunity came only now. Every academic is a giver of knowledge and you give knowledge specifically in your area of specialization depending on the field of study.”

For the title of his lecture, the university don said tint lives, like other components of the body needed to be exercised to stay functional.

He stated, “These tiny lives are very critical and need to be exercised like the whole being exercises. But some of the exercises are injurious to themselves. So these researches are done to facilitate the arrest of these events.”

Speaking, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Nlerum Okogbole, commended Jack for his performance, saying it was the second inaugural lecture from the College of Medical Sciences.

Okogbole reiterated the need for governments, companies and organisations to support research efforts in the ivory towers.

He stated, “And the Rivers State University is positioned and properly placed to do more when we have this support from organizations. If we are supported we will be able to apply them for the development of society.”

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