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I Stumbled On A Video Of Him Advising Young People- Williams Uchemba’s Wife

Nollywood actor and comedian Williams Uchemba recently tied the knot with his fiance Brunella Oscar over the weekend.

The couple’s marriage was met with several well wishes from fans and loved ones.

Brunella has shared the details of their love story with Wedding Digest Naija as she disclosed that they met on Facebook after she sent him a message.

According to her, she sent him a message after she stumbled on a video of his where he was preaching the gospel and advising young people on the path to follow in life.  She added that while watching the video, she heard a voice saying, “This is my husband”.

She went on to disclose that everyone thought she was crazy because although she did not get a reply, she went to school where she was pursing her masters degree the next day, “happy and smiling” and telling everyone that she had met her husband the night before.

She said she got a reply from him on the afternoon of November 23, 2016, and he asked her where she’s from.

After she told him, she asked where he’s from and he replied: “I am from that state your mother doesn’t want you to marry from.”

Things got interesting from there as he gave her his number and asked that she sent him a Whatsapp message. They spoke for hours that night on video call and this soon became their norm, marking the start of their relationship.

The rest is history….

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