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Kigezi High School Celebrates Uganda Education Reforms

The Ugandan government has announced a substantial increase in adult literacy rates from 43% to an impressive 79%.

The announcement came as Vice President Jesca Alupo read a speech on behalf of President Museveni.

The remarkable progress in adult literacy was attributed to the implementation of Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (UCE) programs.

These initiatives have significantly expanded access to education and vocational training, ultimately leading to a surge in enrollment and completion rates at all educational levels.

In her address, Vice President Alupo emphasized the importance of not only acquiring academic knowledge but also practical skills.

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She highlighted that education without skills can exacerbate unemployment issues, emphasizing the need for administrators to introduce comprehensive career guidance in schools.

Alupo urged students to recognize the vital role of discipline in their academic journeys, encouraging them to steer clear of detrimental behaviors like alcoholism and smoking.

Kigezi High School, established by missionaries in 1922, has a rich history. It transformed from a primary school to a junior secondary school in 1946 and finally to a senior school in 1965, aiming to instill both Christian and academic values among its students.

The school’s commitment to discipline, godliness and hard work has produced outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the nation.

During the celebrations, Asiimwe Onesmus, Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese and an alumnus of Kigezi High School, stressed the transformative power of education as an equalizer in one’s life.

He urged students to set ambitious goals and fearlessly pursue them.

The State Minister of Trade and Industry and deputy patron of Kigezi High School’s alumni association, David Bahati highlighted the achievement of having primary and secondary schools in every sub-county and praised the school for its diversity in producing leaders across various political parties.

Local leaders in Kabale called for the revitalization and recognition of historical schools like Kigezi High School.

They also appealed to the government to consider increasing salaries for art teachers, similar to the support provided to science teachers.

Kigezi High School’s legacy includes training successful personalities such as former Prime Ministers Ruhakana Rugunda and Mama Mbabazi, Professor Mondo Kangonyera, and numerous others. As the school aims to construct a multi-purpose hall, President Museveni pledged 100 million shillings towards the project, highlighting the government’s commitment to the school’s continued success.

The soaring adult literacy rates stand as a testament to Uganda’s commitment to education and its determination to empower its citizens with knowledge and skills for a brighter future.

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