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Pastor Chris Leads 10,000 Voices In Rapturous Praise

Set in a place that looked like something from an empyreal imagination, it was beyond words, as sounds that will best be described as heavenly filled the air from 10,000 voices dressed in colourful, beautiful royal robes and attires.

Praise and beauty characterized the 10,000 man Choir Ecclesia, hosted at the prestigious Loveworld Convocation Arena, Lagos South West Nigeria.

This was not a concert or some form of entertainment, this looked like a well prepared choir ready to minister to the world.

With over 25 original songs, from the singers to the orchestra, the 10,000 strong choir, led a global audience of millions in a time of rapturous praise to God.

Everyone sang with one voice, as the lyrics were displayed on large LED screens, tears rolled down eyes, joy on faces and deep reverence to God, it was a sight to behold for the rest of time.

The Loveworld Incorporated aka Christ Embassy, has been known to hold Praise services with many participating globally, as the President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has been at the forefront of explaining true worship to Christians and hosting a one year praise-a-thon since 2022.

In recent times, Pastor Chris particularly through his popular ‘Your Loveworld Series’, has educated the public on the kind of songs that are to be written and sung in churches. This he has done unapologetically and consistently by training a choir called the ‘LoveWorld singers’ to write songs based on the scriptures.

Do recall,  that the loveworld singers in the past 3 years have written thousands of original songs with a good number being recognized at the annual Loveworld International music Awards (LIMAA).

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In this monumental gathering of non-stop praise, the audience were reminded of King David who wrote songs and gave to the Priest in his day and King Jehoshaphat of the Bible, who put singers in front when he went to war; let’s just say the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome lives the scriptures beyond the written pages….

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