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Once Upon A Time – August 14 – 1947 – Pakistan gains independence from Great Britain

A 1266 letter from Kublai Khan to the Japanese emperor threatening use of force

1281 During Kublai Khan’s second Mongol invasion of Japan his invading Chinese fleet of 3,500 vessels disappears in a typhoon near Japan

1842 Second Seminole War declared over by US Army Colonel Worth, after nearly 7 years; more than 3000 Seminole Nation survivors re-located from Florida to Oklahoma, only about 300 allowed to remain

1945 V-J Day, Japan surrenders unconditionally to end WW II (also August 15 depending on time zone)

1947 Pakistan gains independence from Great Britain

1969 British Army deploys on the streets of Northern Ireland, marking the beginning of Operation Banner

1980 17,000 workers go on strike at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk, Poland, marking the beginning of the Solidarity movement

Historical Events Today Events in 2023

Today in Film & TV

1938 BBC’s 1st feature film on TV (Student of Prague)

Today in Music

1995 “Battle of Brit Pop” rival bands Oasis (Roll with It) and Blur (Country House) release singles on the same day

Today in Sport

1987 Oakland’s Mark McGwire sets rookie HR record at 39, en route to 49


1040 King Duncan I of Scotland killed in battle against his first cousin and rival Macbeth (not murdered in his sleep as in Shakespeare’s play). The latter does succeed him as King.

1901 The first claimed powered flight, by Gustave Whitehead in his Number 21.

Famous Weddings

1756 Frontiersman Daniel Boone (21) weds Rebecca Bryan (17) in Yadkin River, North Carolina

1939 “A Star Is Born” actress Janet Gaynor (32) weds MGM costume designer Adrian (36)

The last man to be publicly hanged in the United States met his fate on this day in history. It was a squalid affair watched by about 10,000 people – August 14, 1936

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