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Once Upon A Time – Sept. 18 – 1793 – U.S. President George Washington Lays Cornerstone Of Capitol Building

1811 British East India Company force led by Baron Minto conquers Java, part of the Dutch East Indies, Stamford Raffles appointed lieutenant governor

1812 Great Fire of Moscow burns out after 5 days, 75% of the city destroyed and 12,000 killed

1873 Government bond agent Jay Cooke & Co collapses, causing panic on Wall St, the start of the panic of 1873 and the Long depression

1914 Irish Home Rule bill receives Royal assent

1931 To create a pretext for the invasion of Manchuria, China, a railway explosion is faked by the Japanese

1947 The Central Intelligence Agency officially comes into existence after being established by President Truman in July

1976 Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong’s funeral takes place in Beijing, China

Historical Events Today Events in 2023

Today in Film & TV

1951 “A Streetcar Named Desire”, film directed by Elia Kazan based on Tennessee Williams’ 1947 play of the same name, starring Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh, premieres at the Warner Theater, NYC

Today in Music

1809 Royal Opera House in London opens

Today in Sport

1965 Mickey Mantle Day at Yankee Stadium: Mantle play his 2,000th game

1793 US President George Washington lays the cornerstone of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

2015 Government of Uttar Pradesh, India, confirms 2.3 million people applied for 238 menial office jobs

Famous Weddings

1907 Author Arthur Conan Doyle (48) weds Jean Elizabeth Leckie

1920 Tennis player champion Molla Mallory (36) weds stock broker Franklin Mallory

1922 Nurse Margaret Sanger (43) weds James Noah Henry Slee in Bloomsbury, London

“Artificial sunshine” came to a Northern England holiday resort in 1879, dazzling the visitors and showing the world the possibilities of outside electricity – September 18, 1879

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