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Soro Soke book wriiten by Trish Lorenz is intellectual property theft

Soro Soke: The young disruptor of an African Megacity written Trish Lorenz is an intellectual property theft and should be pulled immediately ~ Nigerians cry out

On the 24th May 2022, it was reported that the Nigerian government has signed an Intellectual property right with Developing Africa Group (DAG) to enable the international commercialization of all Intellectual Property forms being created and registered within Nigeria, both local and international. 

The Nigeria IPR project according to Koibanx, the approved platform for the tokenization and the payment engine, is the biggest Crypto project in the world. 

Just a week after, Nigerians are now signing a petition against the use of the battle chant, “Soro Soke” by a German Author, Trish Lorenz. 

The petition

According to the petition

“Soro Soke is a Nigerian movement. One that came with our blood, sweat and tears. We are yet to recover from the aftermath.”

Soro Soke is a phrase in Yoruba language which means Speak Up/Do not be silent. 

“It was a cry, a battle chant, a movement used in the EndSARS campaign by Nigerian protesters fighting against police brutality from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in October 2020”

The revolutionary movement did not end well as many Nigerian youths lost their lives. Many activists and protesters are still in jail while some are in exile. 

Some are serving as refugees all because they stood up for their rights. The movement is still fresh in the heart of every Nigerian youth. 

“In all of this, Trish Lorenz, a white woman from Germany, decides to expropriate and abuse the name of the struggle reminiscent of the actions of her ancestors in the Berlin Conference of 1884/5”

Trush Lorenz capitalized on the struggle of Nigerians, benefited and profited off the trauma of Nigerians.

Her benefit and profit from the struggle that does not involve her includes winning from the TheNineDotsPrize which comes with a remuneration of about $100,000.

That’s not all, she has also received book deals with Cambridge Press and has books in global bookstores and universities such as Harvard University Library. 

The petition as signed by Nigerians through the platform outlined that the book written by Trish Lorenz is intellectual property theft and a disrespect to Nigerians. 

In lieu of this, the publishing of the book should be stopped and pulled from all bookstores. 

Aside from pulling the book, the petition is also requesting for a public and written apology from Trish Lorenz. 

“This is a Nigerian story to tell and we have Nigerians who are qualified to tell it. We have already told it without support or visibility. Africans stories should be told by African people”. 

History in action

This is similar to the case of “Bad and Boujee: Toward a Trap Feminist” written by Jennifer M Buck where the book was pulled for cultural appropriation and intellectual property theft. 

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