Technology Creates Easy Access To Health Care Services

In order to have easy access to affordable health care services within and across the country, EVOKE e-HEALTH SOLUTIONS is offering patients and their primary doctors in Nigeria the opportunity to consult with specialists abroad, to discuss their diagnosis and alternative treatment plans for their best interest through the use of technology.

At the prelaunch of EVOKE e-HEALTH SOLUTIONS which was held virtually in Abuja, the Co-founder and Co-CEO Dr. Ifeoma Obanozie-Amadi said, “For many patients, access to high quality medical care can often be complicated by financial, geographical, or situational hurdles, challenges that can dictate when, where and even whether those patients are able to seek physician care. Evoke e-health solutions are designed to overcome those hurdles by providing access to professional healthcare services, regardless of the patient or physician location. We aim to eliminate time and distance factors in healthcare for remote patients by enabling real time examination and treatment through virtual consultation.’’

Dr. Amadi stressed that telemedicine in health care service delivery came to force during the lockdown in both developing and developed countries, as it paved the way for the optimization and use of ICT based options.

Dr. Tony Oketah, Co founder and Co CEO of EVOKE e-HEALTH SOLUTIONS, said that the company makes no profit as it aims at giving back to the society.

“We let the specialists know that this project is more like giving back to the society at this moment. When a patient pays in, it goes straight into their account and the little amount that comes to the company is to upgrade the system, build more innovation and do more research. At the end we are not receiving anything from the consultation except for working and improving the services. That’s why we are going in for EVOKE e-HEALTH FOUNDATION, where we can now source for support from multinational organizations to help us meet the demands of this innovation.’’

The development and implementation of telemedicine and digital health developments has a lot of advantages and brings great value for both practitioners and patients. It has thus helped not only in providing and improving care, but also in curtailing the spread and transmission of infection among health care workers and patients.

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