Thursday, April 18, 2024

US Imposes Visa Restrictions On Ugandan Officials

The United States is throwing a tantrum over how Ugandans have chosen to live their lives and has imposed visa restrictions on Ugandan government officials over their anti-LGBTQ law, passed by the country’s parliament.

Despite having much to deal with on the home front, the US is taking time off to punish Uganda for refusing to crumble into chaos.

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Despite the majority of Ugandans supporting the new law, Washington is claiming that it is restricting travel for Ugandans it accuses of “undermining the democratic process”.

A statement from the State Department did not name any targeted individuals but It said the U.S. will consider other possible actions “to promote accountability for Ugandan officials and other individuals responsible for, or complicit in, undermining the democratic process in Uganda, abusing human rights, including those of LGBTQI+ persons, or engaging in corrupt practices.”

The State Department also updated its Uganda travel guidance for U.S. citizens to highlight the risk that LGBTQI+ persons could be prosecuted and subjected to life imprisonment or the death penalty based on provisions in the law.

Many Ugandans have expressed their support for the new legislation and for their government.

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