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US Marines advised not to address superiors as “sir” or “ma’am” to avoid Misgendering

The US Marine may ban recruits from respectfully addressing senior members as “sir” or

“ma’am” to avoid what has been termed as “misgendering” and offending them.

The woke recommendation was made in a new $2 million report that cost $ 2 million in

American taxpayer money, commissioned by the corps from the University of Pittsburgh.

the exhaustive, 738-page study that the marines first commissioned in 2020 said

traditional ways of addressing superiors were holding back gender integration.

Using gender-neutral identification eliminates the chance of mistakenly offending or causing conflict with drill instructors, according to the study.

Services stress the value of respecting leaders regardless of gender by instructing recruits to use gender-neutral IDs for their drill instructors.

col. Howard Hall, chief of staff for marine corps training and education command,

told the defense advisory committee on women in the services this month that there

has been serious pushback to the extremely radical shift was being considered by


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