Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Zelensky: Israel War Taking Attention From Ukraine

The conflict that kept the world at the edge of its seats, for quite a while, seems to have come to a deadlock, as a sprawling frontline between the two warring sides has barely moved in almost a year.

Zelensky however, told a press conference in Kyiv that Time may have passed, people are tired but this was not a stalemate.

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The Ukrainian leader also rejected the idea Western countries were putting pressure on Kyiv to enter negotiations with Russia, amid reports US and EU officials had discussed what such talks would entail.
With the war now in its 20th month and Ukraine struggling to gain ground in its counteroffensive, Zelensky has routinely met Western leaders in a bid to stave off fatigue from the conflict.
Zelensky said the war between Israel and Hamas had also drawn attention away from Ukraine, saying this was Russia’s goal.
Blaming Russia, Zelensky said Ukraine has already been in tough situations when there was almost no focus on them.
Ukraine’s backers, including the United States, have maintained they are ready to support Kyiv with military and financial support for as long as it takes to defeat Russia.

Zelensky’s words were however not received well as several social media users alleged that his complaints were mere tantrums.

Under the hashtags #Zelensky #stalemate #isreal, comments saying the Ukrainian president was simply upset that American taxpayer money was being directed to the conflict in Palestine, flooded the space.

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