I bet a lot of us have started revisiting our Canada plan due to this excessively hot weather. The weather is so hot it has changed all our lives. From our choice of clothes to how much makeup we apply. Some of us have even put makeup on hold because a full face of makeup just doesn’t hold up or look as good when it’s hot and sticky outside.

The good news is you can still wear makeup even as the weather gets hotter. All you have to do is choose formulas and products that can withstand heat and sweat.

The tips and tricks I’m about to share with you will help you avoid hot-weather beauty blunders.

1. DO invest in waterproof makeup

Makeup has come a long way since the bulletproof-but-heavy liners, lipsticks and mascaras from the ’80s. Thanks to cosmetics companies, consumers now have access to a wider range of products that truly stay put where you put them, without clogging your pores.

2. DON’T use powder products

Your skin is extra hydrated in the hot weather and you will naturally sweat more, so that’s why creams are hands-down the best option. Unlike matte powders, which sink into the fine lines and creases of your face, cream-based eyeshadow, blush and foundation glide on smoothly and help to create dewy, naturally flushed or bronzed effects.

3. DO keep lipstick inside the lines

Steamy heat tends to melt lipstick, causing it to smear and run. Spend 30 seconds applying lip liner first to keep colour in place. Lip pencil will also keep colour from migrating into lines around your mouth, should you have any. To prevent lip liner from looking too severe, match it to your lipstick or to your natural lip tone, which is your best bet when choosing a sheer lipstick or gloss.

4. DON’T wear thick facial creams

Never use a thick cream in the hot weather as this will make your makeup slide right off your face. Use something lighter and make sure to let it absorb before applying your makeup for the day.

5. DON’T wear shimmer

Everyone loves a nice, dewy glow, but there’s a big difference between a healthy radiance and an over-the-top shine. “Avoid cream foundations or anything too luminous, as the humidity will make you extra shiny and sweaty-looking if you have too much sparkle on your skin.

6.  DO wear less makeup

If you want to prevent your makeup from creasing and caking, say it with us: Less is more. If you can, just use a tinted moisturizer and a concealer where you need it. Makeup likes to move around when it’s hot, so the best way to avoid that is to wear less of it.

7. DO finish with a setting spray

The final step in getting your makeup to last all day is to spritz on a setting spray to seal in your look.


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