Friday, March 1, 2024

Advocacy Group Equity Int’l Initiative Questions Aggressive Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

Advocacy Group Equity International Initiative, a non-governmental Organisation, has held a press conference to draw attention to some of the issues regarding the so-called covid-19 pandemic which they say have not been satisfactorily addressed.

The Organisation released a communique in which they question the hurried and aggressive Vaccine Roll out currently ongoing in the Country as well as the Legality of the Mask Mandate amongst other issues.

Reading the Communique on behalf of the Organisation, Country Deputy Director, Equity Int’l Initiative, Okonwo E. Ekeh (Esq) said the Vaccines which have been brought into the country have not undergone the prescribed and necessary laid down Medical Protocol and ethics before massive deployment.

He noted that the Pharmaceutical companies behind these vaccines have either been granted waivers to exonerate them from responsibility for any bodily harm or damage as a result of the Vaccines or printed disclaimers on the vaccines, protecting them from any lawsuit on account of adverse effects.

Another point in the communique called for the wearing of Face Masks to be made optional, not compulsory considering the Health implications due to prolonged use of face mask

He equally called for the Media space to be opened up for people to be allowed to express their points of view thoughts an convictions about the Vaccines without being intimidated, censored or shut down. Referencing the Constitution, he said people are granted the right to freedom of expression thought and conscience.

The last couple of months have seen the total and partial lock-down of countries the wrecking of economies, enforcing the wearing of face mask and an aggressive Health response with the deployment of Covid-19 vaccines.

In Nigeria there are already some feelers that Covid-19 certificates might become a prerequisite for travel and access to other services and amenities.

But several questions remain unanswered. What exactly is the purpose of the continuous enforcement of wearing of face masks? What is the guarantee of the efficacy of vaccines currently being deployed?

Who takes responsibility for the associated adverse side effects and in some cases even death? What about fundamental human rights? Are they now selective to apply in certain situations and not in others?

All these are pertinent questions which are seeking to be answered.

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