Modeling students show off their newly designed fashion lines. Not just clothes, but bags and scarves too.

This isn’t work by professional designers but from artificial intelligence.

It usually takes over a month to go from the design stage to production, but AI has reduced that to around a week.

The creativity of the artificial intelligence comes from a design database of six million clothes made in South Korea. It studies the latest fashion trends from internet postings, then reflects the personal taste of individual users to design a new outfit. The newly designed clothes can be put on virtual models or avatars to show how they would look when being worn.

This new artificial intelligence is expected to help small businesses in the fashion industry that don’t have access to professional designers and models.

The outlook is that one-person small businesses can use this technology to make clothes, from designing to the actual production.

The research team is planning to build an online service that includes AI designers and 3D model generators that can be available to the public.



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