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Aruna Threatens Legal Action Against World Table Tennis

Aruna shared details of how he struggled to compete in one of the World Championships but couldn’t due to illness and ended up being punished

Table tennis star Quadri Aruna has launched a fiery attack on the World Table Tennis (WTT), questioning its practices after facing point deductions and an undisclosed fine.

Aruna has threatened legal action if he is denied “justice” by the WTT.

The WTT, established in 2019 by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), organises commercialised table tennis tournaments.

Aruna’s frustration stems from the mandatory nature of these events, unpaid prize money, and what he perceives as unfair penalties.


In a series of social media posts on Monday, Aruna directly addresses the WTT: “Why exactly must participation in World Table Tennis CHAMPIONS be mandatory when I have no paid contract with you?

“ Why exactly do I have to leave my club that is paying me salary and play WTT EVENTS? Why exactly is this really mandatory?”he queried.
Aruna highlights the financial strain this creates, especially considering unpaid winnings: “I have a family to take care of and I have bills to pay monthly, why exactly do I have to be forced to play where I will not win money?

“Several prize monies are yet to be paid by WTT and yet forcing players to play.

“My prize money from cup finals, Doha star contender and Goa star contender and even Singapore prize money are yet to be received and why exactly I must leave my contract with my clubs and play WTT CHAMPIONS IN KOREA and lose my contract with my clubs?.”

Aruna shared details of how he struggled to compete in one of the World Championships but couldn’t due to illness and ended up being punished: “I was supposed to travel to Korea, unfortunately, I was very sick with chronic diarrhoea for five days. Do I really need to die because I wanted to play?”

He emphasises that Nigeria, facing financial constraints, relied on him: “Nigeria did not have enough players due to financial reasons, so my name was always on the list. They also couldn’t participate in the junior championships for the same reason.”

Allegations of bias

Aruna insists he’s been unfairly penalised by the WTT: “My first sin is because I was sick with chronic diarrhoea, I was not able to participate in world championships in Korea and I could not get doctor’s report on time while on sick bed and my appeal was rejected.”

He raises the concern of racial bias: “Is it because I’m Black, African, and Nigerian? I have worked so hard to be where I am today. I shouldn’t suffer for an offence I didn’t commit.”
Threat of legal action

Aruna has taken a strong stance: “If this judgement is not changed against me, we will definitely end up in court.

“I will never be a slave to WTT and play for bad prize money.”

Aruna’s public outburst has divided opinions with some hailing his bravery while others suggesting there are better ways of resolving whatever issues he had with the WTT.

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