Beautiful Nigeria: Arochukwu Waterfall, Abia State

Arochukwu is a local government located in Abia state in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

On that beautiful and amazing village lies a tourist center called waterfall/79steps by it’s present users.

This waterfall/79steps is an abonded water project and pleasure scour by the British colonist.

According to Nwa maazi Victor the Arochukwu waterfall was not meant for the Arochukwu people but to the egoistic interest of the erecters ; the British colonists.

This water fall was not discovered since after the departure of the British colonists, not untill earlier 2013 when a group of youth corper members discovered it.

The 79 steps can be traced back between 1690 to 1902 when the move to colonize Aro people was made by the British, it is traced back to the period when the British colonist stayed in Arochukwu kingdom in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Arochukwu waterfall has become a public recreation center, it was located in IBOM village in Arochukwu kingdom in Arochukwu local government area in Abia state.

It’s serves as both tourist center and leisure spot. Since it was discovered Arochukwu people both home and abroad have come to see it as the best suitable place for sight seeing in Arochukwu kingdom.

Some Aro people in Diaspora usually come home during the festive periods like Christmas, Easter celebration, ikeji aro etc majorly because of this waterfall.

Although earlier before now, not up to 19% resident of Arochukwu kingdom knew about this leisure park not until it started trending.

It is one of the major tourist attraction center in the community which attracts visitors both outside and within the community and state, infact it is now the talk of the town.

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