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Beautiful Nigeria: Baturiya Bird Sanctuary, Jigawa State

Baturiya Bird Sanctuary is Located in the Kiri Kassma area of Jigawa State, northern Nigeria, Baturiya Bird Sanctuary is a bird watcher’s dream.

This wetland area attracts birds from across the globe – and now, as the United Nations recognizes the sanctuary as a tourist location of international significance, it’s not only the birds that are flocking to Baturiya.

The sanctuary covers an area of 320 square km and is surrounded by a buffer zone of a half kilometer.

The natural wetland habitat is home to around 378 migratory bird species from as far away as Europe and Australia.

Baturiya has been visited by members of the Wildlife Conservation Foundation including Prince Philip and Prince Charles of the British Royal Family.

Baturiya Forest Reserve and Bird Sanctuary is one of the most important wildlife conservation sites not just in the local area, but in Nigeria as a whole.

It is a place where wildlife blossoms and can come and go as it pleases without fear of capture. And it is a place to which increasing numbers of visitors are also returning again and again.

Osprey Pandion halietus was caught on 25/10/2018 at Malam Madori, Jigawa. The bird came from University of Helsinki, Finland.

Available records from the University revealed that the bird was ringed 106 days prior to its caught in Jigawa, and covered 5808 kilometers during it’s migration to winter in Africa, in particular, Nigeria.

The bird were celebrated and successfully released at the Baturiya Wetland Reserve in Jigawa.

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