Beautiful Nigeria: Kajuru Castle, Kaduna State

Kajuru Castle is a luxury villa, built between the years 1981 and 1989, at Kajuru (Ajure) village in southern Kaduna State, Nigeria.

It was built by a German expatriate in Nigeria, living in Kaduna at the time.

The castle is located at about 45 km from Kaduna on a mountaintop in Kajuru (Ajure) village, Kaduna State.

Built with 1 meter thick granite stone in a fanciful medieval-inspired Romanesque style, it is adorned with turrets, an armory and a dungeon.

The castle is privately owned, and has the capacity to host 150 guests.

The castle is often described as an African version of the Bavarian Castle in a grand 19th-century Romanesque revival style.

It has a baronial styled hall, coupled with dungeons and towers lined with crenellated walls.

The castle also has a big “knight’s hall” and a landlord (masters) residence and several other rooms over its three floors.

It is a delight for nature lovers and sight-seeing.

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