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Beautiful Nigeria: Mount Patti, Kogi State

The lush green Mount Patti is 458.3 metres high and located in Lokoja, capital city of Kogi state.

It is from here people gaze up at it’s magnificence with awe. Located in the confluence of the Rivers Niger and Benue, the area has been inhabited for thousands of years by many ethnic communities and was previously a centre for trade.

Lokoja is the first administrative capital of modern day Nigeria.

Meaning Of ‘Mount Patti’

‘Mount’ is short for ‘mountain’ and ‘Patti’ means hill in Nupe language. The name therefore means ‘Mountain hill’. Nupe is spoken by the Nupe community who for centuries have resided in Kogi State, Niger State and Kwara State.

The spectacular view from the top of Mount Patti is a true sight to behold. The two rivers meet in a colorful Y-shape with the brownish River Niger and green River Benue. It is one of Nigeria’s most beautiful natural wonders.

The River Niger is Africa’s third largest and the main river of western Africa. It is over 4180 km long and passes through Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin and Nigeria. The River Benue is 1,400 km long and a tributary of the Niger River.

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