Beautiful Nigeria: Ngwo Pine Forest Forest

Ngwo Pine Forest Forest is located in Old Enugu-Onitsha Rd, Ngwo-Asaa, Nigeria’s south-east.

The forest is a treat to watch as it is considered a great scenic beauty. There is a dozen of fascinating caves built from limestone, which are nothing but god gifted to the local people of the region.

Ngwo Pine Forest attracts many local as well as international tourists. There is also a pool formed at the base of the caves through the natural waterfall. Tourists come here to enjoy and relax.

There are a bunch of pine trees which further add to the beauty of the forest. People gather here to picnic, party whole night, be it, friends or families, they are sure gonna enjoy a lot.

It is also highly recommended not to visit the forest alone. One can turn up with groups of friends or families.

Besides just serving as a tourist spot, the forest serves various other advantages.

Ngwo Pine Forest helps to maintain the atmosphere in the area, drawing out more oxygen to the atmosphere.

The forest does not let water log saving from flooding, absorbing the extra water, keeping the climate cool for the visitors.

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