Beautiful Nigeria: The Ancient City Of Kano

The capital city of Kano state, Kano is a major agricultural and commercial region. It is the oldest city in West Africa and has a rich medieval history.

A charming city, Kano is popular for its various festivals, and is renowned for its horseback riding, due to its location in the south of the Sahara Desert.

Some of the main attractions in Kano city are the Emir’s Palace, the Murtala Muhammed Library, the Kajuru Castle, Dala Hill, and the Gidan Makama Museum.

Leather works, weaving, and cloth dyeing are central to the traditional arts and crafts of Kano. Tourists can also enjoy architectural structures that date back to the 15th century.

The city lies south of the Sahara Desert in the Sudanian Savanna region that stretches across the south of the Sahel.

The city lies near where the Kano and Challawa rivers flowing from the southwest converge to form the Hadejia River, which eventually flows into Lake Chad to the east.

Kano is 481 metres (1,578 feet) above sea level. Kano has a tropical savanna climate (Köppen Aw).

The city has on average about 980 mm (38.6 in) of precipitation per year, the large majority of which falls from June through September.

Like the vast majority of Nigeria, Kano is very hot for most of the year, peaking in April.

From December through February, the city is less hot, with morning temperatures during the months of December, January and February averaging between 14 and 16 °C (57.2 and 60.8 °F).

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