Beautiful Nigeria: Yusufari Oasis, Yobe State

Yusufari Oasis in the beautiful desert of Yobe state in Nigeria. Sand dunes, down by a river.

Yusufari is a Local Government Area in Yobe State, Nigeria.

Its headquarters are in the town of Yusufari in the south-east of the area at13°04′06″N 11°10′33″E.

It shares a border in the north with The Republic of Niger.

Some call it the Yusufari Oasis, Oasis of Yusufari or Tulo Tulo Oasis.

The oasis and the Tulo Tulowa village are in a low valley.

The name Tulo Tulo means marshy land with abundant water.

The clear water in the pond is constant throughout the year.

Surrounding the pond is luxurious green vegetation with palm trees pitched against the warm hues of the desert sand dunes.

The sand dunes form five hills around the oasis, giving it an undulating topography. Its beauty shines because of the vastness of the desert area.

The Oasis of Yusufari is not yet an official tourist hotspot.

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