Simon Richardson, the mayor of Byron Shire has joined the sea of dissenting voices, speaking against a proposed Netflix production centered on the lives of Byron Bay’s ‘influencers’.

Thousands of people have also signed a petition calling for the boycott of the Netflix show, set in the Australian beach town of Byron Bay, arguing that the town would be used as a “punch-line”for the show.

The streaming platform announced production of the the ‘docu-soap’ that will follow a feed of Instagrammers living their best lives in New South Wales’ North Coast town of Byron Bay.

The announcement gave rise to an immediate backlash among some members of the community, who called it “embarrassing” and “vacuous” including local comedian Mandy Nolan who labelled it “yuck” and said it could worsen the town’s housing affordability crisis.

Many businesses have refused to take part in the show, local media report.

The mayor says he will move a Mayoral Minute outlining the council’s opposition to the ‘Byron Baes’ production and seeking their support for production to be moved to a community that would love the exposure the show would create.

Mayor Richardson, In a post shared on Facebook recently said “I too share the concern and frustration that yet another entity from outside the shire seeks to profit from us whilst only providing more possibilities of damaging us: our reputation, our housing accessibility already on life support and our economic ‘brand’ that results in the employment of thousands of us,” .

The delightful town is known for its surf beaches and relaxed lifestyle. It has gained prominence in influencer culture and over the past year, has become a Jerusalem for visiting Hollywood celebrities.


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