Thursday, April 18, 2024

Calls For More Covid Shots As Pfizer Reports 2.38 Billion In Losses

As the world returns to normal activities, the faint calls for public vaccinations can still be heard, as big pharma tries to motivate consumers to pay for vaccines many believe they do not need.

As data on hospitalizations and cases tick up again, consumer apathy remains.

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Meanwhile, in August Pfizer said it was eyeing possible cost-cutting measures to manage potential losses from low uptake of its COVID-19 vaccine and antibody treatment — a sign of how the market for COVID products has weakened.

The pharmaceutical giant’s disclosure on quarterly earnings reflects both the public’s apathy for booster shots and declining support from governments for its COVID-19 products.

Many are eager to move on from COVID and get back to pre-pandemic activities as 60% of americans said they agree that the country has spent enough time fighting COVID and it’s time to move on.

According to reports, Pfizer NOW wants in on the weight loss drug market – and upcoming data will be crucial for its success.

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