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choosing the best cooling mattress pads

A cooling mattress pad aims to help prevent overheating and ensure a cool, restful night’s sleep.

A drop in the body’s temperature is important for getting to sleep, and being too hot may disrupt sleep patterns and reduce sleep quality.

A person can take various steps to keep the bedroom cool, including investing in cooling bedding.

Temperature and sleep quality

A person’s body temperature typically  lowers during sleep. If the temperature is too high, the quality and natural patterns of sleep can be disrupted.

A 2019 study into the effects of hot weather on sleep found that sleep quality was best at around 89.6°F and worst at around 98.6°F. High temperatures negatively impacted participants’ ability to fall asleep, their sleep satisfaction, and the adequacy of their sleep.

A 2017 study found that rising nighttime temperatures in the United States may be preventing adequate sleep, particularly for older adults and people with lower incomes.

Benefits of a mattress

A mattress is a significant investment, and finding one that suits each sleeper’s needs can take time. Meanwhile, sleep habits and needs can change over time, and the support and cooling capability of a mattress can gradually reduce.

A mattress pad can be an affordable way to add cooling or comfort to a bed without replacing the mattress.

Having a mattress pad can also prolong the lifespan of the mattress.

How do cooling mattress pads work

A cooling mattress pad helps the body maintain a regular temperature throughout the night. It does so actively or passively.

A passive pad works because of the materials it contains. These may include:

gel-infused memory foam

cooling gel beads

natural latex, which is produced from rubber trees

phase change material, which absorbs or releases heat depending on the environment

moisture-wicking materials, such as those common in sports and fitness clothing

An active cooling mattress pad uses additional devices, such as water pumps or an attachable fan. They tend to be more expensive and complex.

People who wake up feeling hot in the night or who feel that the heat is limiting their sleep quality may benefit from a cooling mattress pad.

This type of product may be active, and contain a fan or pump, or passive, and contain thermoregulating materials.

A cooling pad or topper may also increase a mattress’s comfort, support, and longevity.

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