Located on Navajo land in Arizona, Antelope Canyon is a stunning, picturesque slot canyon with colorful, wavy walls illuminated by streaming beams of light.

The canyon has “upper” and “lower” portions, each with different natural lighting and formations created by erosion.

The canyon is one of the most beautiful places in America’s state and national parks.

Antelope Canyon is a popular location for photographers and sightseers, and a source of tourism business for the Navajo Nation.

It has been accessible by tour only since 1997, when the Navajo Tribe made it a Navajo Tribal Park.

Besides the Upper and Lower areas, there are other slots in the canyon that can be visited, such as the Canyon X which is also part of the same drainage as Antelope Canyon.

All visits are through one of several licensed tour operators. It is not possible to visit the Canyon independently.

Photography within the canyons is difficult due to the wide exposure range (often 10 EV or more) made by light reflecting off the canyon walls.

For several years, there was a specialized “photographer tour” of the Upper Antelope Canyon, where participants needed to have a tripod and camera.

These were discontinued at the end of 2019 to improve the experience for the larger number of people on the general tours.


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