Exploring Milliken Hill Road Project Ngwo, Enugu State

The Milliken Hill road, Ngwo, Enugu, is an ancient, historic and undulating road, modernized with streetlights and other safety measures by Governor Ugwuanyi’s administration.

After decades of neglect, it now showcases its potentials as a tourist attraction and the state’s natural roller coaster, which now serves as an alternative gateway into the city of Enugu, from Onitsha-Enugu Expressway.

History has it that in 1908, a British expedition on its way to the middle belt from Awka, sighted the hill at Enugu Ngwo and reported back to Lagos.

Interest in the mineral potential of the hill compelled the colonial government to send a team of mining engineers to the place in 1909 to prospect for silver, but the team struck coal instead.

The Europeans settled at Ngwo on the top of the hill now called “Hilltop”. The 4.8km long Milliken Hill Road was constructed because of coal discovery on the hill, and it was named after the head engineer who designed the road.

Milliken hill is in Ngwo a village on the outskirt of Enugu City, they are 100 meters above sea level, offering a beautiful standpoint for a panoramic view of Enugu metropolis, especially at dawn and dusk.

The road winds through the foot of the hill bounded by a deep gully. Underneath the hills are relics of coal mines and its beautiful tunnels. Beneath the Milken hills is the Iva valley.

The hills are good for mountaineering, however, drivers are advised to drive slowly with caution through the meandering roads.

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