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Exploring The Tallest Waterfall In Palau, Ngardmau Waterfall

The Ngardmau Waterfall is considered to be the tallest waterfall that can be found on the main island of Babeldaob, which is part of the sovereign state in free association with the United States, the Republic of Palau.

Being known also as the tallest waterfall in the entire Micronesia region, Ngardmau Waterfall flows from the highest peak of the nation, Mount Ngerchelchuus.

Having some 20 meters (66 feet) in height, the water falls in a pool in which visitors who would like to hike half an hour to reach this stupendous gem, can swim a bit in the cool and very clean water.

Surrounded by lush vegetation in the rainforest, although Ngardmau Waterfall is considered to be a popular tourist attraction, it is not very visited by tourists, which makes it a very interesting getaway place from the crowded big island. Certainly a great natural treasure which Palauans can be really proud of.

The waterfall was designated the “Taki” Conservation Area in 2005 and expanded in area in 2010.

The conservation area includes a variety of terrestrial habitats, with upland old-growth forest, savanna, river, swamp forest, and secondary forest.

The conservation area is part of the Middle Ridge Important Bird Area. The endangered Micronesian megapode has been observed there, in addition to other endemic birds.https://www.seacology.org/project/213-palau/

There is increasing local concern about the safety and stability of the trail to the waterfall.

Visitors must walk down a series of steep stairs cut into the hillside, follow a low-lying, muddy path through the forest, and ford a stream before they reach the waterfall.

The constant foot traffic on the dirt trail has substantially increased erosion and sedimentation into the river.

This threatens the community water source, river fauna, and marine flora and fauna at the river mouth.

In collaboration with the Palau Conservation Society, Seacology will fund one of the most urgent restoration  tasks: the design and construction of a 280-foot boardwalk through low-lying forest.

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