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Exploring Tianmen Mountain In China

Tianmen Mountain is a famous mountain located next to Zhangjiajie city in northern Hunan province, People’s Republic of China.

The main peak, about 1,518 meters (4,982 feet) above sea level, is considered “Heaven’s Gate”, as it is the Chinese translation of Thien Mon Cave.

Thien Mon Cave until 263 was still a closed cave, but after the collapse of one side it opened up and today it is actually the tallest natural arch in the world, with exactly 999 steps leading up to it. This impressive location.

Also at the top of the mountain is the great Tianmen Temple, originally built during the Tang Dynasty and today newer structures of the Tang architectural style occupy the area.

To get to it, you can reach it by the world’s longest cable car, which takes about half an hour to reach the top. The adventures don’t stop there, however, and with the Cliff Walk and Glass Walk offering great views of the surrounding park, Chinese authorities have made the place attractive. more attractive to all visitors who want a different perspective. from China.

With so many wonders concentrated in one place, it’s no surprise that Tianmen Mountain is famous around the world, especially when it comes to events like Jeb Corliss’s successful flight on September 25, 2019. 2011, glided through the dome with his outfit. .

In short, a true Chinese monument must be protected from development and must remain so so that every visitor can see a different and inspiring China.

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