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Faith And Politics: Let’s Talk About Org Tasks Christians To Get More Involved In Nigeria’s Political Process

Ahead of 2023 General Elections in Nigeria, Christians have been charged to see themselves as an integral part of the political process in the country and participate in all aspects of the democratic activities as well as play a decisive role in choosing who governs and make laws for the country. Eminent panelists and speakers at the second in the series of “Let’s Talk About” Town Hall meeting which took place in Lagos Thursday July 21, were unanimous in this charge

 The role of the church, Christians as well as their involvement in politics and governance took center stage at the luxurious and prestigious Waterfalls Events Center along Billings Way area of Ikeja, Lagos state capital. From the first edition which focused on “”The  Counting Costs of COVID-19 Lockdowns” to the second edition, issues that touch the fabrics of the Nigerian nation were once again on the table and thoroughly addressed by panelists and speakers.

As the political clouds towards 2023 General Elections in Nigeria continue to gather, the program couldn’t have been more apt and timely. Themed “Faith And Politics” Let’s Talk About Town hall program was indeed revealing as much as it was enlightening and empowering. From one speaker to another, the question of Christians and politics was thoroughly addressed from all sides and angles by seasoned speakers.

The event drew Highly esteemed clergymen, state and federal lawmakers, political office holders and speakers  from the Nigerian Civil Society. Pastor Kay Adesina, Secretary General of the Loveworld Incorporated aka Christ Embassy ignited the audience with an insightful awakening  on “The Church As A Force For Political Change”. The highly respected Man of God highlighted the important place of the church in nation building and noted the huge data and demographics at the disposal of the church in Nigeria. He said the church is a force that holds tremendous power and impact in nation building in all political dispensations.  The esteemed Man of God said time has come for the church to realize this and rise up to greater participation in politics in Nigeria.

Speaking on ‘Why A Christian Should Be Part Of A Political Process”, another respected clergy and member Central Executive Council, Loveworld Incorporated,  Pastor T. T. Temisan chided the lukeworld attitude of Christians towards politics in Nigeria. He said Christians have the might to decide who rules the nation and makes policies over them. He enjoined the Nigerian Christian fold to take their destinies in their hands by not only acquiring their Personal Voters Card (PVCs) but also registering to become card carrying members of political parties and also aspire for political offices. By so doing, Pastor T.T. Temisan said Christians would stand on a stronger ground in the governance of the country.

Advancing the discussion on ‘Why A Christian Should Be A Card Carrying Member Of A Political Party”, Hon. Femi Obalemo, a political office holder highlighted the need and benefits of Christians joining a political party and being an active member of the party. He said it was the starting point of service to the society and contributing to the building a nation we all desire. 

Two federal law makers in the House of Representatives  Hon. Sergious Osesoghe and Hon. Preye Oseke also weighed in on the the discussion with brilliant presentations on what it entails to be a vital part of a political process and why a christian should consider running for a political office. Both law makers borrowing from their wealth of experience at National Assembly, took the audience through what true service means as a political office holder and how leadership guided by the word of God prospers a nation and her  citizens. 

Adding to the totality of a very rewarding town hall meeting, Civil Society activist, Dr. Chris Iyama, brought to the fore, the importance of advocacy and election monitoring in a given political process. The respected activist reminded Christians and indeed Nigerians that they can no longer stay quiet, aloof and lukewarm leaving their fate in the hands of others. He charged Christians to empower their voice through active engagement and participation at the forthcoming 2023 general elections by choosing and voting the right candidates into office. 

At the end of it all, the panelists fielded questions from several professionals including lawyers, civil society activists, students and other members of the society.

The convener of Let’s Talk about, Anthony Ikeokwu, reiterated the beauty of giving people’s voices the platform to be heard and said the day’s theme “Faith and Politics” is in three parts. He said part two of the town hall meeting expected in September 2022, shall focus on the electorate voter education including choosing and voting the right candidates while the third part to come ahead of the 2023 elections shall feature the candidates standing for elective offices especially the presidential candidates.

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