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Federal Govt. Unveils Citizens Delivery Tracker App

The Nigerian government has unveiled its Citizens’ Delivery Tracker CDT app to provide a feedback circle between citizens and the government precisely on the eight priority areas of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Administration.

Unveiling the Tracker in Abuja on Monday, Special Adviser to the President on Policy and Coordination, Hadiza Bala-Usman urged citizens to actively engage with the tracker and offer feedback.

According to Bala-Usman, the feedback will be instrumental in assisting the Central Delivery Coordination Unit to evaluate the performance of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, ultimately leading to improved service delivery for Nigerians.

She said; ‘For each priority area, specific deliverables and key performance indicators are agreed upon, forming the basis for performance bonds signed by all Ministers and Permanent Secretaries with the President. This performance data will inform quarterly and annual assessments.

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“As citizens, you’ll have insight into areas such as Oil and Gas production, Agriculture, Solid Minerals and other sectors of the Nigerian economy, allowing you to provide feedback on Nigeria’s progress and targets.”

She further said during the Go-live event of the CDT app that the tracker would ensure compliance in agricultural produce as well as track the exportation of Nigeria’s cash crops.

The Presidential aide stresses that this would reveal volumes of export and assist the country in the recognition of overlap between trade and agriculture.

“This ensures compliance in Agricultural produce, export on the international food chain, so this speaks to Agriculture, it speaks to the exportation of our cash crops and that is where will able to see the volumes and also recognise the overlap between Agriculture and trade. It will also show how Agriculture has improved and facilitated and ensure that our Agricultural products have been able to reach up to international standards,” Bala-Usman said.

The Special Adviser said that “the unveiling of the CDT is the culmination of a months-long process since the announcement of the Ministerial Assessment plans by President Tinubu at the November 2023 Cabinet Retreat for Ministers, Departments and Agencies.”

Bala-Usman further explained the capacity of the tracker to address challenges in the nation’s transport sector such as Aviation, rail and conducts in the airline space of Nigeria.

“So what is important to us is that after collating the numbers of flights that have been cancelled or delayed flights, has the Ministry of Aviation been able to sanction the airline for continued delay or continued flight cancellations so that data we collate will form the basis with which the airline will be sanctioned for non-performance,” she explained.

Other details of the tracker include gender, issues of disability and ways to engage platforms in integrating people living with disabilities into their plans.

Bala-Usman said; “We could also reflect an aspect of ensuring that government facilities have access for persons with disabilities and if it is reflected it will work, also for transportation, airports, airlines,rail and they also have to ensure that they have access for persons with disabilities.

“So we put that across and we would ensure that we reflect what is needed for everyone to be able to be included as we see to ensure that we track ourselves.”

The eight priority areas of President Tinubu’s administration are: Reform the economy to deliver sustained inclusive growth, strengthen national security for peace and prosperity, boost agriculture to achieve food security, and unlock energy and natural resources for sustainable development.

Others are to enhance infrastructure and transportation as enablers of growth, focus on education, health, and social investment as essential pillars of development, accelerate diversification through industrialisation, digitisation, creative arts, manufacturing & innovation and Improve governance for effective service delivery.

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