As at 9 o’clock Wednesday night, the normal queue of trucks in and out of Apapa had disappeared. The round the clock, seven days a week chaos that has become a major feature of Apapa, causing hours of unending traffic jams, was gone. Also, security, up till now, is tight in Lagos.

The reason for this unusual development in Apapa, Nigeria’s port city and economic hub, which has become a metaphor for stress and suffering, is because President Muhammadu Buhari is expected in Lagos on today.

This is the second time Apapa is experiencing a gridlock-free day following the visit of President Buhari. The first was in 2019 when Buhari, as presidential candidate, visited the Lagos to canvass for votes.

The implication of all these is that Apapa can work again if those who have the power also have the will.

It speaks volumes of what is possible not just with Apapa, but also the mess that defines Nigeria as nation. It is curious why somebody thinks Buhari shouldn’t see the chaos Apapa has become.



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