India Rains: Road Turns To Swimming Pool As Rains

Rain lashed satellite cities around the Indian capital, late september, 2022, turning roads into swimming pools and causing havoc for vehicles and pedestrians.

Authorities in Guru-gram, where many companies have offices and executives have their homes, ordered schools to close and urged residents to work from home due to the widespread flooding.

Flooding is an annual problem during the monsoon season in South Asia, but the impact is worsened by crumbling civic infrastructure, clogged drains and uncontrolled urban expansion.

Officials said 39 people in the state have died from lightning in the last five days, prompting the state government to issue new guidelines for how people can protect themselves during a thunderstorm.

A 1-degree-Celsius (1.8-degree-Fahrenheit) rise in temperature increases lightning by 12 times.

Thunderbolts contain as much as a billion volts of electricity and can cause immense damage to buildings when they hit.

There has been a 34-percent rise in lightning strikes across India over the past year, which has caused deaths to increase.

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