Jersey Law: Single-Use Plastic Carrier Bag Ban Begins

A new law stopping businesses in Jersey from providing customers with single-use plastic bags comes into force on Thursday.

The Single Use Plastics Law also means shops will have to charge at least 70p per reusable bag.

It aims to encourage people to take their own shopping bags and reuse them.

Deputy Inna Gardiner put forward the initial proposals and said she hoped people would “embrace this cultural change”.

The law applies to most plastic and paper bags being provided by all businesses including shops, takeaways, event organisers and marketeers with some specific exemptions.

The States said it shows they are “supporting the global reduction in carbon emissions associated with production, transportation, and disposal of bags”.

Posters have been distributed to shops and other businesses in Jersey to explain the new law and a series of factsheets are available online.

Deputy Gardiner added: “I never thought we would see this come into effect so soon after breaking temperature records.

“I hope islanders embrace this cultural change and maybe even have a favourite bag they use every time they go to the shops.

“This is one way everybody in Jersey can show they want to protect the environment and do something to reduce global emissions.”

If traders have non-compliant single use bags still in stock, they can continue to use these for the next six months.

They may be asked to prove the bags were delivered prior to the law coming in and traders failing to comply with the new law may be fined up to £1,000.

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