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Jewish doctors, scientists tell Sunak to withdraw anti-Semitism accusations levelled at Andrew Bridgen

25 leading scientists, doctors and researchers from Israel, the UK, Canada and the USA sent a letter to Installed Prime Minister Sunak to protest the weaponisation of anti-Semitism in what is clearly a political assassination of Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen for raising well-established concerns regarding harms caused by covid injections.

The letter from the group of Jewish doctors and scientists backs up an article in which Mark Pickles makes the point that using the false charge of anti-Semitism as a means to deflect debate is in itself a dangerous trivialisation of anti-Semitism:

The label “anti-Semite” that the Conservative Party evidently wants to attach to Bridgen is a merely a confusion tactic, Pickels noted. Any other smear would have done, such as “racist” or “homophobe” or “bully.” It seems that Bridgen was asking too many questions of the Establishment’s covid vaccine narrative, and an ad hominem attack was needed urgently.

In his article, Pickles compared Mr. Bridgen to Colonel Picquart – whose eventual unveiling of ideological anti-Semitism running through all parts of the French Establishment led to a crisis in the Third Republic and a complete restructuring of France, not least the definitive separation of Church and State in 1905.

“I realise that it might now seem ironic that I compare the French colonel, who exposed systemic anti-Semitism, to an English MP who is now accused of anti-Semitism,” Pickles wrote. But “I still compare Bridgen to Picquart, even more so now that Bridgen has been publicly humiliated by the Prime Minister on trumped-up charges of ‘anti-Semitism’.”

The most vociferous and public charge of anti-Semitism came from Midazolam Matt, also known as Matt Hancock. On 13 January, Mr. Bridgen tweeted “Matt Hancock has still not removed his defamatory tweet falsely alleging that I am antisemitic. I will allow Matt three days to apologise publicly for calling me an antisemite and racist or he will be contacted by my legal team.

Mr. Bridgen is now suing Midazolam Matt for £100,000. Mr. Bridgen wants Hancock to pay damages to a legal fund for “people seeking collective redress for vaccine harms.”

In a letter to Hancock, seen by The Telegraph, on 18 January, five days after his tweet, Mr. Bridgen’s legal team set out the claim against Hancock and the demand for damages. It said: “By inclusion of the phrases ‘anti-Semitic’, ‘anti-vax’, ‘anti-scientific’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ the words are defamatory at common law.”

Midazolam Matt’s spokesman told The Telegraph: “What Matt said was obviously not libellous, and he stands by his comments. Rather than wasting his time and money on an absurd libel case he will undoubtedly lose, let’s hope Bridgen does the right thing and apologises for the hurt he’s caused and keeps his offensive view to himself in future.”

What would be good to hear from Midazolam Matt’s spokesman is about Hancock’s role in the use and abuse of midazolam to end people’s lives during the “pandemic” in the spring of 2020.

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