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Jordan Faces One Of Its Worst Droughts In History.

The fertile area land in Ghor al-Haditha is home to many market gardens, but drought has taken a heavy toll.

Rains were massively reduced, totalling just 60 percent of normal fall, said Omar Salameh, head of communications at the water and irrigation ministry.

The area usually suffers from a lack of water, but this year is much worse. The recent rainy season, which usually runs from October to the end of April, was poor.

The salty waters of the nearby Dead Sea are dropping drastically in height too.

Experts say Jordan is now in the grip of one of the most severe droughts in its history, but many warn the worst is yet to come.

According to the environment ministry in Jordan is among the world’s most water-deficient countries, and fears that a warming planet will make the situation more severe. “The increased temperatures and lower precipitation resulting from climate change would adversely affect crops and water availability,” the ministry says, in its National Climate Change Policy.

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