Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has suggested on Wednesday that his country will be pausing diplomatic relations with Spain, accusing Spanish authorities and companies of ransacking Mexico.

Obrador said it was a matter of taking a “breather” and not of breaking diplomatic ties with Spain.

Obrador, who has repeatedly criticized Spain’s role, even going back to the conquest.  Said, “They were like the owners of Mexico”. The Mexican President admitted in an appearance to the media that “the relationship is not good” now.

Because of this, he has suggested a “pause”, claiming it would be “convenient” for both parties. “Perhaps when the government changes, relations will be restored and I wish that when I’m no longer here they wouldn’t be what they were before,” he explained.

In that sense, he believes Mexico has borne “the worst part” of the economic and political “promiscuity” in the bilateral relationship in recent decades. “They plundered us,” López Obrador condemned in front of the media.


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