The controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline is officially canceled, ending a decade-long battle over the multibillion-dollar project.

The 1,200-mile U.S.-Canada pipeline has become a flashpoint in the fight against climate change.

Opponents have long argued the pipeline would hamper America’s transition to cleaner fuels.

Construction was first halted earlier this year after President Joe Biden revoked the pipeline’s U.S. permit, which was approved by his predecessor Donald Trump in 2017.

That angered Canadian officials, as it delivered a blow to that country’s oil industry.

It was expected to carry 830,000 barrels of oil sands crude per day, from Alberta to Nebraska.

First proposed in 2008, the pipeline has been delayed for the past 12 years due to opposition from U.S. landowners, Native American tribes and environmentalists.

Canada-based company TC Energy, which owns the existing Keystone pipeline, pledged on Wednesday to ensure a safe termination of the project.

Climate change advocates welcomed Wednesday’s cancellation.



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