Lagos Set To Receive 40km Huperloop

Well known for having enterprising population, it should not be surprising that Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, may soon be home to one of the world’s most innovative transportation systems.

Silicon Valley-based, skyTran, which is headquartered at NASA Research Park, has developed patented new personal and cargo transportation systems which it intends to deploy in Nigeria and elsewhere around the world.

The systems, known as Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) and Cargo Rapid Transit (CRT), use MagLev technology and encompass an elevated rail, along the underside of which levitating, energy-efficient pods travel.

According to reports, once the pods reach a speed of just 10mph, they can glide without any additional power but are also able to travel at speeds of up to 155mph.

The company also says the system can be installed for approximately $13m per mile, compared to around $160m per mile for an underground rail system.

The company has a demonstrator system in Israel, which reportedly showcases all the components required to roll out a commercial system and is also used for testing, monitoring, and improvement of the technology.

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