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LIMA Awards- 5th Edition Celebrates Loveworld’s Finest, Sets Pace For Gospel Music

The Loveworld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMAA), is a celebration of extraordinary talents and Loveworld’s Finest in Music, arts, spoken word, dance, etc. With its maiden edition in 2016, this annual event is not lacking in class, glitz and glam when it comes to celebrating talents who have distinguished themselves in music and arts. Since its Inception, the annual event holds in Nigeria.

The 2019 Edition was streamed to millions all over the world via internet, Loveworld networks, several terrestrial stations, satellite, mobile platforms, and this gave many around the world an opportunity to be a part of this magnificent event. The 2019 edition was said to have attracted a viewership of over 250 million people across 100 countries of the world. This is aside those who watched it via social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube among other channels.


It all began in 2016 which was the ‘Year of Spreading’. “The unstoppable spreading of Pastor Chris’s message around the world” for Loveworld Music and Arts (LMAM) artists meant more souls won. From here the world felt an unstoppable increase in all directions.

The very first Loveworld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMAA), took place in 2016 and was certainly one of the most praised and well-loved event of the year. The carefully guided talents of the Loveworld International Music and Arts Ministry of Chris Embassy (LMAM) artists thrilled the audiences with music, song, dance and spoken word performances. The 2016 ceremony left a profound impression on all who witnessed its glory. There was momentum as the audience was “energized for the year to come.”

Many awards were given out that night including the ‘Songwriter of the Decade’ award, which was won by internationally acclaimed gospel artist, Sinach. Her song ‘Spreading on Every Side’ reflected the majesty of the year. ‘The Word is working mightily in me, overtaking in all directions. Grace and favor is working for me. My increase cannot be stopped.’

LIMA Awards was birthed by the president of the Loveworld Incorporated aka Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc, DD, who remains in the forefront of grooming, nurturing, recognizing and celebrating artistes. Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry promotes and provides platforms for their works and talents to be seen, heard and appreciated worldwide. Many stars have been borne from this initiative and fresh stars keep emerging every year.

I dare say that no one has given to gospel music artistes the way the man of God Pastor Chris has in a little over three decades, as some of these awards come with cash prizes ranging to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year since its inception.


Looking at the ministry of Loveworld Incorporated aka Christ Embassy, there has been a release of gospel artistes that the world has never seen, with songs that have become so endeared to hearts of millions world over. Where do I start from, is it with the renowned music minister and worship Leader- Sinach, or the likes of the Frank Edwards and Eben, or the mighty God crooner Joe Praise. In any genre of music, Loveworld has produced the finest, from Reggae with Buchi, to Sax with Ralph, or with afro Fuji pop with Testimony aka Mr Jaga, and sweet, sonorous voice of Sophiya not to mention the many new talents that have come up.

Talk about the rapid growth of gospel music in Nigeria, these big names come to mind. Their songs resonate within and outside the shores of Nigeria as worship songs in churches or gatherings. You will agree with me that Christ Embassy has set the bar and pace, that many aspire to get to in their music productions. Where do you see young talents being harnessed and rewarded every year, it’s at LIMA Awards.

A chat with any of these music ministers, they will tell you one thing, their success story is not complete without the man of God, Pastor Chris. At the LIMA Awards 2018, the Man of God said “There is no place in the world where you have a concentration of world class music talents in the world as you have in Loveworld, God made it so”. Obviously these music artistes are walking in prophecy already.

One thing that is common among these artistes is the words they receive from the man of God, Pastor Chris, who tells them every now and then, you are the “best in the world”. At every given opportunity he says it to them. Just imagine working with that consciousness.

The Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry (LMAM), has grown both locally and internationally, harnessing talents in music, arts, comedy, drama, spoken word, poetry, and the likes. Many of them will tell you the songs they produce are based on the teachings of the man of God, Pastor Chris.  A song like “I KNOW WHO I AM” by Sinach, or “WAY MAKER” also by Sinach has been translated into different languages.


Nigerian gospel artistes have seen themselves collaborating with their foreign counterparts to produce world class music and performances at concerts in Nigeria and around the world. Frank Edwards, Sinach, Eben, Joe Praise, Ada, and many more are some Loveworld gospel artistes that have produced chat bursting songs in collaboration with African and American stars in the last decade. Simply put in Sinach’s words “sponsored by Grace”. They are invited to sing at government functions and ceremonies not only in Nigeria but in other countries as well. You would say from Naija to the rest of the world, but this has been made possible through platforms like the Loveworld International Music and Arts Awards annual event which continues to expose, honour and celebrate both upcoming and established gospel music ministers’ year in year out.


This year’s LIMAA, witnessed a fresh wave of new winners who worked tirelessly on their craft, defying the odds and challenges of the fiasco called COVID-19. In the midst of the strict conditions and restrictions that defined the year 2020, rules and laws they faced in their countries, undeterred, they still went out of their way to make good music that the world sang during trying times. These worded lyrics put many over and above the fear and chaos that the pandemic sought to bring. Some of these music ministers shared the platform with the man of God in ministering to billions of people around world the during the ”Your Loveworld Specials” Program beamed to billions of viewers across the globe on Television, Radio, online and other social media platforms..

They were relentless, bold and audacious in their songwriting. This special year saw emergence of  fresh stars like Moses Bliss, an Abuja based music minister, carting away the biggest award of the night- Song of the year  with 100,000 dollars cash prize, for the song You I live For. Another fresh star, is Chookar, who won the Worship Song of the Year with I Rejoice. And 50,000 dollars- The night also saw a multiple award winner, Sophiya- before now Sophiya who has always been in the choir from her teenage years and right now leads one of the best choirs in the world, won awards like best duo of the year but 2020 saw her wining four awards that night from Hit Song of the Year for Able God, Best Female Vocalist of the Year to Artist of the Year which comes with 25,000 dollars with two of her songs in the best songs of the year.

Popular and world acclaimed Eben who has proved to be relevant over the years winning Songwriter of the Year which comes with 50,000 dollars. He won this award last in 2018. You can check our previous post (fresh stars emerging from Loveworld music and arts awards to see the full winners List) 

In my next post I will be bringing you exclusive interviews from some of the winners of that night. We would also take a look at some past winners and what the LIMA Award did for them individually and their music ministry.

Watch out for it…..

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