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LUTH Successful Performs First Minimal Surgery On 13-Day-Old Baby

The Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) says it has recorded a milestone with its first successful minimal surgery carried out on a 13-day-old baby girl at the hospital.

This was made known by the Chief Medical Director of LUTH, Prof Wasiu Adeyemo while briefing journalists in Lagos on Tuesday,

According to him, the surgery, which is the thoracoscopic primary repair of the Esophageal Atresia and Tracheosophageal fistula, carried out on the baby by a team of experts, was the first of its kind in any public hospital in the country.

According to research carried out, esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula are rare conditions that develop before birth and are life-threatening conditions that occur together, affecting the development of the oesophagus (food pipe).

Medically, it is advised to be treated shortly after birth.

Adeyemo explained that the surgery was made possible due to the increased funding by the Federal Government, the Health Ministry and public, and private partnerships.

He said, “This minimal access surgery has further showcased the effort of the Federal Government through LUTH to ensure Nigerians have access to affordable and quality healthcare.

“This surgery is the first of its kind in any tertiary institution in Nigeria with the use of thoracoscopic equipment.

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“We have the expertise here in Luth and surgeries like this are highly subsided by the Federal Government for Nigerians to benefit and get the healthcare they need in the country without travelling abroad.

“I want to also commend Dr Igwe of Evercare Specialist Hospital for his willingness to share his expertise and experience with our surgeons.”

The lead surgeon, a Paediatric Consultant, Dr Felix Alakaloko, who led the surgery and said the infant was doing great and would be discharged on March 6 (today) described the success as a major feat for the facility.

Alakaloko revealed that such surgeries cost between N6m and N15m in private hospitals or outside the country, but were done at the cost of N300,000 at LUTH.

He added, “This baby was brought to LUTH when she was nine days old with a blocked Esophagus, (that is the pipe that carries food to the stomach) and needed urgent surgery.

“The baby was choking on feeding and bringing out mucus from the nose and mouth which indicated that there was a blockage in the tube that connects food to the stomach.

“So, we reconnected the tube through a minimal access surgery instead of doing an open surgery that could endanger the life of the child,” he said.

While still speaking on the procedure, he advised parents to observe their newborns to detect any abnormalities and present them on time.

The mother of the baby, Mrs Adeyinka Shola, thanked LUTH for the life-saving surgery on her baby, whom she revealed turned 24 days old on Tuesday.

She confirmed that her infant was doing fine and ready to go home, adding, “I’m indebted and grateful to LUTH for saving the life of my baby girl, I noticed she was not doing fine four hours after I gave birth to her.

“We were referred to LUTH for further investigation on her health, and I am happy that she has improved tremendously after the surgery.”

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