After the exciting Election Day—and predicted impasse – the united states elections has been a source of heated debate for and against pitting old friendships against each other and seriously polarizing the world oldest democracy.

The major source of concern is the unorthodox methods being adopted by the two major parties to achieve the same objective.

As the drums of civil disobedience grows louder driven by the unrepentant hatred for Donald Trump by the radical left whose globalist agenda have been put on hold.

Rather than feed the embers of hate we have a responsibility to diffuse tensions and foster peace that will ensure that whoever wins can inherit a nation that is governable. Call it consensus building sadly, the Democrats want control and not consensus with those who differ.

So those who want to conserve American traditions and national symbols have to roll up our sleeves beside the fighting Trump. Those who can support silently with prayer and private well-wishing are encouraged to do so as many evangelical leaders uphold.

For those in support of the incumbent and  defenders of one nation built under God who frequent patriotic events or wear Trump caps or other America-loving paraphernalia, should do so with full knowledge they may get into altercations just to protect themselves and companions.

We pray that cooler heads prevail thought it seems unlikely . Sadly, cooler heads on the other side of the aisle are afraid of retaliation too.


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