A 91 year old Ohio man reportedly went into shock after receiving two shots of the covid-19 vaccine in one day.

Victor Smith, had gotten his first ever vaccination shot on January 22, after which he collapsed from extreme fatigue. Smith who is an amputee, then had to be hospitalized and transferred to a rehabilitation facility in Hamilton, Ohio.

Smith, was scheduled for a second shot while still in rehabilitation and took it at a county vaccination site on Februaury 25.

According to his daughter Dawn Theodore Smith, she had spoken to him after his first shot of the day and he had said that he was fine. Mr smith was later re-injected in a mix-up, as inmates in his facility where scheduled to be vaccinated that same day.

The 91 year old was vaccinated for the second time in 4 hours that day and immediately Smith’s body went into shock and he developed low blood pressure. “They pretty much told me he was not going to make it,” his daughter said 

Fortunately, smiths condition did improve and he is said to be recovering well.


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