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Morocco reopens Embassy in Iraq after an 18-year Absence

Baghdad applauded Morocco’s decision to reopen its embassy in Iraq, which was shut down 18 years ago following the kidnapping of two Moroccan citizens.

Fuad Hussein of Iraq said, “The Kingdom of Morocco started playing an important role, whether it was in the political or economic field, and it was crucial for Iraq to build a relationship with the Kingdom of Morocco, in order to start the build of futuristic solid relationships with various African countries, in which Morocco started playing an important role, whether it was in the political or economic field.

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During a historic visit by morocco’s foreign minister, Nasser Bourita to Iraq over the weekend, the kingdom’s top diplomat announced the reopening of its embassy in Baghdad and signed a memorandum of understanding.

this visit has also been tagged historic from the standpoint of being the first visit by a foreign minister to Baghdad in a quarter of a century.

He urged for an end to the recent rise in Israeli-Palestinian violence, which included an Israeli military raid on a militant stronghold in the West Bank and a Palestinian gun attack in an east Jerusalem Jewish enclave.

Bourita stated, “We oppose all provocative acts and assaults that affect the Jerusalem Sanctuary. According to His Majesty the King, who also serves as the chairman of the Al Quds Committee, “calmness is required if we want to preserve what is left of the glimmer of hope in the peace process and the current scenario does.”

Morocco is one of the Arab countries that has grown closer to Israel in recent years.

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