Villagers in a yet to be disclosed village in the Democratic Republic of Congo have discovered a mountain of Gold.

In the viral video circulating around social media, villagers can be seen digging into the mountain and carting away pans of gold filled soil. In another video, villagers are seen washing the soil to produce the gold.

People are tagging it ‘the real life El dorado’

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The country is the richest country in the world in terms of resources but is the poorest in terms of livelihood.

The DRC produces 70% of the Coltan in the world yet the living conditions of the citizens are beyond appalling. Underage children are recruited in large numbers to work at mines in the harshest imaginable conditions and are paid next to nothing.

70% of Congo is covered by rain forest but many still lack enough water for domestic and personal use.

At this time, it seems best for the country that the village remains unknown to the outside world at least for now as it is inevitable that foreign investors and expatriates would want to get their hands on this now.


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