New Zealand’s Borders Now Fully Open, Cruise Ships And Foreign Recreational Yachts Docks At Ports

New Zealand’s borders fully re-opened to visitors from around the world on Monday, for the first time since the so-called COVID-19 pandemic closed them in March 2020.

New Zealand’s borders started reopening in February first for New Zealanders and restrictions have progressively eased.

The process of reopening the borders ended last night with visitors who need visas and those on student visas now also allowed to return to New Zealand.

New Zealand is now also letting cruise ships and foreign recreational yachts docks at its ports.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday during a speech at the China Business Summit in Auckland that the final staged opening of the borders had been an enormous moment.

International students were a significant contributor to New Zealand’s economy and educational providers are hoping the reopening of the borders will again provide a boost to schools and universities around the country.

New Zealand Tourism Minister Stuart Nash said the return of cruise ships will also be a boost for local industries.

“Most cruise visits are during the warmer months of October to April, and summer is our bumper tourism season overall. This means it will be full steam ahead for the industry,” said Nash.

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