Newnton Parish Council Uses Flowers To Reduce Speeding

Flowers have been grown beside the main road into a village to encourage drivers to slow down when they pass by.

Newnton Parish Council first planted flowers along the roadside during the pandemic to help improve biodiversity.

As well as attracting more wildlife, it noticed motorists slowed down when they passed the flowers.

Resident Sue Wykes said: “Anything we can do to slow the traffic down in the village is going to be beneficial for the community.”

Newnton Parish Council has implemented various methods over the years to deter speeding through the village in Wiltshire.

As a small council it receives limited funds from the government.

Michael Norton, a local resident, said the flowers are “such a riot of colour that people couldn’t help but slow down and have a look”

A crowdfunding campaign has raised almost £8,000 for traffic-calming measures.

The money will be used to fund a three-year care program for the wild flowers.

A sign that flashes and records data when people are breaking the 30mph (48kmph) speed limit was also installed by the council.

According to the data, 90% of motorists drive above the speed limit.

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