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Nigeria Officially Bans The Use Of White Models In Advertising

Nigeria has officially become the first country to ban the use of white models in advertising. In a statement published on social media by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, the country announced that its Advertising Regulatory Council Of Nigeria (ARCON) was banning the use of all foreign models and voice-over artists on Nigerian media.

While some social media users expressed dissatisfaction at the decision, others expressed their approval of a move that they praised as a small win and a long overdue measure.

In its statement announcing the ban, ARCON explained that the measure is in line with the government policy of developing local talent, inclusive economic growth and the need to take necessary steps and actions aimed at growing the Nigerian advertising industry.

The ban will come into effect from October 1.  

“All advertisements, advertising and marketing communications materials are to make use of only Nigerian model and voice-over artist,” the agency said in its statement. Existing advertising material using non-Nigerian models and voice-over actors will be allowed to run out their terms but it won’t be renewed after that.

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