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Nigerian Student Breaks New Record For Longest Painting Marathon

Nigerian artist Chancellor Ahaghotu, a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, has carved his name in artistic history by breaking the decade-old record for the longest painting marathon.

Ahaghotu’s brush danced tirelessly for 100 consecutive hours, surpassing the previous record of 60 hours set in 2013 by Roland Palmaerts. This remarkable feat portrays Ahaghotu’s determination to leave his stamp on the record books. “I came to the United States to pursue my dreams and build up my career as a recognised artist. Breaking the record will boost my recognition as an artist both in my school and the world at large,” Ahaghotu said to Guinness World Records before his attempt.

Fueled by a desire to pursue his artistic dreams and gain recognition, Ahaghotu embarked on this challenging journey. Throughout the four-day marathon, he created 106 diverse paintings depicting a variety of subjects, from celebrities and food to plants and animals.

The marathon was monitored by official Guinness World Records adjudicators who ensured strict adherence to the rules, with Ahaghotu taking only minimal breaks for essential needs like bathroom breaks, food, and sleep.

At the 60-hour mark, Ahaghotu commemorated the occasion with a painting of a broken record player. Each canvas captured a snapshot of his emotions and journey during the marathon. “One thing I love about the paintings I created is that they were representing my different moods and how I was feeling when I created them,” Chancellor expressed.

This record-breaking accomplishment brings immense personal satisfaction to Ahaghotu, boosting his artistic reputation and serving as a source of pride for his school, and of course, his country. News of Ahaghotu’s achievement has been met with jubilation in Nigeria.

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